Algarve's latest taste sensations

Local organic produce delivered direct to your restaurant / door.

Fresh from our new farm in Almancil right here in central Algarve,

A live product ready for you to cut yourselves, allowing for longer lasting freshness and bringing that little something extra to the table

Micro Greens are used frequently in fine dining restaurants and by Michelin starred chefs as they massively enhance flavour and the colours bring a vibrancy to the plate..

Some of the most popular micros that people look for are Swiss rainbow chard for its bright colours , Radish , Mustard, Sunflower and Pea , each with there own intense flavours!

Make your restaurant stand out from the rest by using these prize winning (seed Stock) organic ingredients to boost your artistic excellence as a chef and help you create the perfect cuisine, exploding in flavours to tantalise the taste buds!